Come Shop With Us!

If you can't beat them...

...make a craft project! We are here, albiet behind some scaffolding, but please don't let that stop you from a visit to see all the new Fall merchandise AND the 2015 Cavallini calendars! 



Don't be upset that the bus forgot you on the first day of school. There will be plenty of times the bus forgets you when you're a grown up trying to get to work. So don't sweat the small stuff this season (it's 90˚ here in Boston so we are all litereally sweating). We are falling back into a routine whether it's going back to school or back to a monotonus work schedule. Don't let this hot muggy day fool you, it's coming.

Japanese Notebooks are a staple this time of year. You start a new one to record your recipes, that song you heard in that movie, a feeling, chemistry. We carry them all year long, but now more than ever they seem so necessary.We've also had the Neon Pencils for a few seasons now. They're great for kids, but they're also really good highlighters! Oh and the finger sticky notes are there to make book marking fun!








Pry yourself away from that ac unit and head outside, it's summer! Make better gimp braceletes than a ten year old, juggle like a clown, and call all the birds. Let this inspire you to get out there and have fun, relax enjoy the weather, and maybe learn a new craft!



Love that dirty water! Whether you are a lifelong resident, transplant or frequent visitor, show your love with these Boston rocks glasses and Mapkins. With our "617" glasses printed in Fenway green you will be the toast of the town - and don't forget the Boston Mapkins to plot your next adventure here.




Everyone is pairing off Noah's Ark style and you're feeling overwhelmed, totally understandable. We have a few options for even the cheesiest couple out there!

This combination is for the cheesy couple! A slate with accompanying soap stone for directing guests to the gouda is not only funky, but a great way for a new couple to explore new recipies together.

 Omakase dinnerware is sleek, functional and long lasting. Just like the couple you could give a set too.

 Carafe and tumbler sets make a great gift because once you have one, you'll wonder why and how you didn't before. Perfect for the bedside table, porch or kitchen this grey ceramic set will look beautifully rustic in any home. The Complete Tales & Poems of Edgar Allen Poe: Essential.

The couple that cooks together, stays together. They were reading Ottolengi and probably had a BeeHouse saltbox and teapot.