Come Shop With Us!

It's a wrap!

We have been showcasing Cavallini Paper's beautiful wraps in our windows at the stores, they've long been a customer favorite and there are some beautiful new images to see. Use them to wrap special gifts with, of course, but many go home to be hung on walls. Choose from European Maps, Les Bicyclettes, Penmanship Chart, La Perfumerie and more. We have packed up a Museum of Useful Things handy hanging solution so that you can get that instant gratification of getting these papers right up on your wall, and interchange them easily too.

If you're choosing to wrap a gift, check out our new Grosgrain Ribbons in some beautiful saturated colors (Boston store only) the perfect accompaniment.


Boston is Strong

Moving forward from that day, our community has shown resilience and a willingness to pull together and stand by those most affected. A beautiful card set by hometown letterpress printers at Smudge Ink (who are donating proceeds from the cards to the One Fund) inspired us to pull a window together to celebrate and remember. On a beautiful and sunny Thursday (Harvard graduation day!) we held a little fundraiser for Mery Daniel, a young women injured in the blasts, sending off a small contribution to her recovery fund. Follow her progress, read her story and consider sending your best wishes to her at: 



A New Year

Many thanks to Landis Darling our ethereal sculpture/muse and Emily Lebowitz for documenting a busy yet tranquil day at Black Ink, Harvard Square, 12-22-12 and allowing us to post her beautiful photos.



Holiday goods are here and we're ready to make suggestions for your gift-giving and decorating. New ornaments include Stag Heads, Mushroom Tree Clips, and Song Birds - they find homes quickly so stop by for the best selection. We're also stocked to the gills with new book titles, a great way to personalize a gift is to pair a book with a special item. How about a new cookbook alongside a Japanese sauce dish? A travel book and a flask? A drawing diary and metallic pencils? Or come and peruse and make your own gift connection, we have shelves full of ideas!


What's old is new...

Back by popular demand, our Black Ink vintage "grocery store sign-style" canvas tote. We first printed these seven years ago and think they still look fresh. Made right here in New England, because we like to shop local whenever possible.

Speaking of fresh canvas - our newest design is available now, the 1 Bushel MUT Canvas Basket. Safety Yellow colored canvas with grey vinyl trim, these Museum of Useful Things baskets are handy and stylish holding toys, tools, socks or laundry.