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Holiday Checklist?

Silver Santa? Check! Silver Kewpie Doll? Check! Roller Conveyor Belts? Check! Okay, I think we are ready for another holiday season at Black Ink. We just need you to make it complete, festive and lively.

We've been filling the shelves with gift items for everyone and every budget from Bla Bla Dolls, to Ok Clip Snowflakes to Whale Serving Boards, to Glow-in-the-Dark Magnaboards and the even more obscure items you've come to expect here.

Wishing you a peaceful season of giving and enjoyment. 


(Update on our Folding Hearts for Haiti project - this morning I found the very best Cyber-Monday deal ever -any donations made to PIH today were matched by a generous anonymous donor, so we sent off another $190.00 collected at out stores and it magically became a $380.00 donation! Thanks to all you warm-hearted customers.)




Welcome to Plaid Friday 2016, Black Ink style. We will be contributing 5% of both Black Ink store sales today to Planned Parenthood in gratefulness to Hillary Clinton and her efforts to bring us together and make us stronger. She has certainly succeeded and we appreciate her efforts. 

Remember, you can always "vote with your dollars" by supporting local establishments, who support your community and make your neighborhood what it is. (Don't forget, many of us also bank locally - I bank across the street, not across the world!)

Thank you for your continued support,

Susan and staff




must. go. on.

During a somber sad day yesterday where we had lots of time to talk and commiserate (as with most of the Square, activity was unusually low) we decided that doing good and being kind will be the best way to lift our spirits going forward. I know that the Cambridge and Boston communities do this on a daily basis already, I've watched so many acts of kindness in the neighborhoods over the years, and it's going to be especially important now.

So at this point, I am asking people to continue to "vote" with their dollars, support the local institutions that you love and appreciate, it's YOUR community, and although you share it with the world, you make it what it is. Let's not lose any more of our independent local stores and businesses, it's what makes us unique and authentic.

Peace, Susan and staff



with great despair...

all we can do today is fold hearts.

(Sent another $200.00 to Partners in Health, contributed by our wonderful customers to help those in need.)



Stay dry and toasty! New plaid umbrellas (stick and compact) to protect you from the elements have arrived. May we also suggest: Colorblock Touchscreen Gloves, Doughnut Socks (yes, you read that correctly), Flying Bird Botanicals Tea Blends, and more...